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CAN you believe it?

(excuse the awful pun)

From a young age I have been collecting objects that I've found from all over the globe. I don't go out of my way to find most of these things because the excitement comes in finding these interesting things and the story behind each one. I have things ranging from a big lump of tarmac a group of us found underground in infant school, to cheap tacky prizes from the arcade with friends and many things in between.

Often these objects have little correlation with each other but one fascination that came from my collection was drinks packaging, which I would later realise to be part of my passion for design. It started with bottle caps that I found on the floor when I was around maybe aged 6-8 and then it moved onto the bottles and cans themselves which I still continue to find to this day. However, It can't be any old drinks container, I need to be drawn to it, sometimes I won't know why I am but I just know I have to have it when I see it.

Today, I decided to properly sort through them and document them as well as take a nostalgic trip down memory lane since I hadn't seen some of these in a while. I started by sorting them into colour groups...









Next, I arranged them out in their groups to try and make a rainbow of bottles/cans:

I felt this didn't look as satisfying as I thought it might so instead I used just the cans to make a colourful line that looked more visually appealing due to the cans' similar dimensions. Using my phone's panoramic camera option, I took this photo:

I flipped it so you can scroll down through the rainbow in more detail!

In my next blog post, I'll be talking about what I find graphically interesting about some of my favourite cans!

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