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"Motion & Music" Twitter thread

(Last Update 28th May 2022)

I created a daily post on Twitter to showcase to my followers and friends some of my favourite and new-found examples of motion graphics being used to represent music since I'm really into this sort of thing and I can get really excited about it!

[update:] Although the Twitter thread ended a while ago I will update the list anytime I find something new and exciting!

1. Optie's music video for LeaF - Evanescent

"LeaF - Evanescent (movie by @Optie_f) I love how optie finds ways to represent each section of the music where not everything is beat for beat - you can see how he includes supporting, more free flowing animation alongside it to visualise the song pace"


"@misokabocha - MAKE IT FUNKY NOW (music by @dot_96) This is one of my favourite videos of all time. It's a masterful presentation of colour theory, transitions and a creative display of using illustration to express music notes similar to Rhythm Heaven"

3. Kotaro Yamazaki - EMOMOMO

"EMOMOMO - @yama_ko (music by @Xakyo) Energetic emoji themed- more loosely based on the beats with some exceptions - more focus on bpm and tone of music having influence on colour and pace I really like the transition at 0:52"

"also just noticed at 1:37 how the hands move in time with the subtle 8 bit sound in the back of the track I love it"

4. ExtraordinaryCircus - Fuwa Fuwa Foof OP

"@KyraKupetsky (ExtraordinaryCircus) - Fuwa Fuwa Foof OP (Music by @MTH_OFFICIAL) more animation than motion graphics but despite the questionable lyrics of the catchy tune, the work is insane into something done for fun + it fits the music REALLY well"

5. AllttA - Bucket music video

"@AllttaMusic - Bucket (@mr20syl Remix) I came across AllttA, a french/american music duo, when searching for the list and their music videos all translate music into graphics! This one combines 3D graphics and film into a black & white music video:"

6. SEGA (for the rhythm game maimai) - Glorious Crown PV (music by xi)

"@SEGA_OFFICIAL @maimai_official - maimai PV for Glorious Crown by @com_giko_3 (xi) Not only finding ways of representing such a high BPM track visually but telling a story of how the "glorious crown" is made using the buildup of each ball (note)!"

"you can find out more about maimai here! (International ver) (Japanese ver)"

7. Mili - world.execute(me);

"@ProjectMili - world.execute(me); - going a bit off theme here but this song's lyric video writes each line as a line of code instead of just the exact words themselves and I just thought it was interesting :)"

8. ドラにし (Dora,) - Rhythm Heaven In-game 'remix' of Chelmico - Easy Breezy

"Since I already mentioned Rhythm Heaven on here the other day I had to add it to the list! Instead of going with one of the classic remixes from the games, here's a Rhythm Heaven mix of Easy Breezy by @chelmico_offi put together by @3fzpLF5q3QuI4lP"

"I've got one lined up for tomorrow that's more suited to the list's theme, been searching all over for well made ones by different people but I'm not a fan of the ones I've found so going back to some artists I've already looked at for now"

9. Optie's music video for Leaf - Calamity Fortune

"@7eaF (LeaF) - Calamity Fortune (movie by @Optie_f) Another banger collab from these two, imo better than evanescent guess that's my preference for flat graphics for ya! What I like is they make flat not boring and still add depth and texture to it"

10. Optie's music video for LeaF - Armageddon

"@7eaF - Armageddon (movie by @Optie_f, featuring illustration by @ceciltite) Gonna stop posting these daily now until I find some stuff I like that is made by other people to keep the variety and quality up instead of posting for the sake of posting"

The list from this point is stuff I've added after the Twitter thread ended:

AllttA - Touch Down Pt. I - Instrumental Motion Graphic video

AllttA - That Good Ship Music Video

Anira (あにら) - Video for Alstroemeria Records (feat. nomico) - Bad Apple!!

Not sure how this one didn't end up on the original list, maybe I thought it was too obvious of a choice since it is so iconic with almost 60,000,000 views on this video alone. Either way I can't get enough of those infamous 'Bad Apple transitions' so they're going on the list!

Various Artists - The Osu! Collab (Uploaded by TArrow)

Does this count? I think so. Some nostalgia for the enjoyers of stick fight animation from the 2000s.

onumi & Fluff Pink W/Belak - Trauma (Video by Tommy Phelps and Cappu)

I found Tommy Phelps and Cappu through their work on the rhythm game osu! where they create animated backgrounds for the game's 'beatmaps'.

I really like this video. You should watch it.

Illi Gardner - Sound Sync Motion Graphics

Honestly this was just someone's uni project that I stumbled across on YouTube while looking for cool stuff. I like it though, it's just my kinda thing.

t k - 獣道エンドレスGAME / Ino(chronoize) feat. 柳瀬マサキ

Maginpanic - Billie Eilish - COPYCAT (fan made lyric video)

Magnarokk - (Unfinished) Kinetic Typography video for Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know

Rogue Music - Animated Lyric Video for Shahrae - Control

Needs more views, for what it's worth.

Jugo Kumagai (熊谷 重吾) - Cover of Cinderella - Deco*27

I like Deco*27 so someone linked me this. Cute visuals!

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