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Steam Trains & Beaches

Steam Trains

Over the summer I went on a caravan trip to the Norfolk coast and while I was there I took the chance to get some photos of things that could inspire any future designs. The first place I found inspiration was the still functioning steam railway station at Sheringham. The whole station was littered with old metal advertisement plates from decades gone and the steam train itself kept all it's original charm.

One thing I really liked about these old adverts and the 'Next Train' board is their simple focus on typography and there is very little if not no imagery used. It simply displays the product name, and maybe a short slogan with only 2 or sometimes 3 colours used. An idea I have for a design is to use a similar look & feel of the Next Train board to create some sort of informational poster in this style.

I forgot to take photos of these in the train carriages I was in but I found some pictures online of the mirrors in each compartment that had the British Rail logo engraved on them and when I saw them it made me think how well the British Rail logo has held up over the years. It's brilliantly simple and communicative design showing the train tracks with 2 arrows going either way stands the test of time just like a good logo should.


Norfolk's coastline offers many beaches to spend the day at. One of these is Sheringham beach where I decided to spend some time taking photos of some interesting things I found such as patterns in the sand, shells and an abandoned hat. I also did some sand writing.

I particularly liked my photos of the hat I found left in the sand by the dunes so I've posted them separately here too:

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