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Genshin Impact Font Appreciation Post

Have you ever just looked at a something and thought "damn, that's a nice font"?

Well that's exactly what happened when I opened up the game Genshin Impact developed and published by Chinese game development and animation studio miHoYo. Specifically, I was interested in the UI font; the one you can see above in the image of the name creation screen. It was the first thing I noticed about the game and it immediately got me attracted to the game's aesthetic before I'd even seen how pretty the rest of the game is too. It showed the importance of font choice as from the first scene of the game I could tell that such effort had been put into making this game look beautiful down to every detail and therefore I knew that it was going to be a good game.

The font, is of course, custom made for the game and unavailable for commercial use or 3rd party distribution. However, I did some digging into the game's files and found the installable font file so that I could analyse it without needing to use in-game screenshots all the time, although it is good to see it used in context.

I found out that the font's official name is HYWenHei-85W which I'm sure makes a lot more sense to the developers at miHoYo than it does to me!

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