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Trash talk newspaper

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The Brief

My brief was to choose an artefact or routine that interests me. Research everything you can about it and establish something that I wanted to say about it. I then had to develop a narrative for the material and use this to create an appropriate design outcome.

The Idea

The ‘Trash Talk’ newspaper was created as both a celebration of the beauty of seemingly worthless, discarded rubbish and as a subtle encouragement for people to properly dispose of their waste.

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The Outcome

My chosen artefact was the litter from the streets of Nottingham. The theme for my project was ‘Trash is Treasure’ as I wanted to celebrate the beauty of rubbish; something that often goes overlooked and ignored. I felt this an appropriate choice due to my existing interest in collecting drinks cans.

Since the narrative I communicated with this brief aimed to be predominantly celebratory of any rubbish found as opposed to  educational or informative, I chose to create a newspaper (as it is commonly seen as a throwaway item) that used the litter I found to create fun stories of what they could’ve been used for before being tossed aside. I wanted to imagine what kind of backstory and journey each peice of litter had been on before it had been haphazardly discarded.

I believe it is important to still acknowledge the negative impact of litter on the environment, even if that isn’t the key communicator for this project so I decided to include a not so subtle note on the final page of the newspaper that I felt stayed in-line with the tone of voice of the rest of the stories.

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