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haircuts between the binary

An predominantly type based animation of the spoken word poem “Haircuts between the binary” by spoken word poet Gray Crosbie on gender identity and the day-to-day experiences of a non-binary person.

The Brief

"Select a poem that you feel would lend itself effectively to a piece of animated typography/ motion graphics. It needs to have considered and imaginative use of type in motion combined with an appropriate use of audio. The final piece must express the language and mood of the poem using predominantly type and typography should clearly communicate the sentiments of the poem."

The Idea

The concept behind this animation is based around my own experience as a non-binary person. While there is a clear identity demonstrated by the use of a hand-drawn style, that identity has an endless amount of variation within it, much like the non-binary identity and therefore this animation follows little structure when it comes to typefaces and texture as I allowed myself to create each part as I felt within that moment, making this project all the more personal to me.

Finley_Read Poetry In Motion still 3.jpg


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